About - Milos Djordjevic


Entertaining the world from the age of ten with his extraordinary musical skills, Chicago-based Milos Djordjevic is a remarkable performer who is considered to be one of the most talented Serbian musicians with thousands of devoted friends and admirers.

Born in Nis, on May 3rd 1979, one of the largest cities in Serbia, to a family of legendary musicians Miki and Mirjana Djordjevic, Milos starts playing a accordion at the age of ten and progresses to a piano within a year and a half through guidance of an incredible mentor of Prof. Vitomir Popovic. Soon after, playing alongside his father and sister Marija to very large crowds, Milos begins calling the performing stage his second home. Realizing his talent and potential, Milos’s parents decide to send Milos to a music conservatory of Dr. Vojislav Vukovic School and Music Conservatorium of Nis, from which Milos graduates with the highest of honors.

Today, Milos nurtures his musical talent and success through solo performances all over the North America, and oftentimes sings and plays keyboards alongside some of the infamous artists of Serbia and Montenegro, such as: Keba, Seka Aleksic, Aca Lukas, Jelena Karleusa, Goca Bozinovska, Marinko Rokvic, Baja Nedeljkovic, Indira, Crni, Cira… as well as many others.

Give into a guilty pleasure of immersing yourself in the ecstasy of the melody of Milos’s music, and feel the nostalgic charm of the Serbian celebration.